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Jill's Sausages

Sage and Fennel Sausages, cooked, 4pc

Sage and Fennel Sausages, cooked, 4pc

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The classic Italian sausage. Perfect for stew, soups or wrapped with a nice buttery roll, our Sage and Fennel has a nice earthy flavour with a hint of anise. Add a dash of red pepper to bring a new dimension to the taste.

Pork, ice water, fresh ground spices, salt, garlic powder, ginger powder, fruit extract, vinegar, natural flavour, antioxidant (vitamin C), baking soda, collagen casing


Made in a facility that processes cheese, pea, anchovy, crustacean, honey, maple syrup products


Nitrite free, chemical additives free, gluten free, dairy free, celery free, no added sugar/starch, keto friendly

Cooked product. Ready to warm and serve

Weight: 350g/packet

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