What is the shelf life of the products?

Our products can last for 2 months in the fridge and more than that if kept in the freezer, with the exception of our Breakfast Sausage Mince, which must be kept in the freezer and can be kept for 2 months. We recommend consuming within 1 week after opening, and maximum 3 days for our hams. This is subject to individual fridge user patterns. 

How long can I keep in the fridge AFTER defrosting?

If kept in a stable cold place in your fridge, then yes, generally a week should be ok. Whether it will last another week is really subject to individual fridge user patterns. 

Your pig from which country?

No they aren't our pigs but the pork we get are typically from Brazil, Holland, Spain. We use mainly the whole pork leg meat for sausages.

What kind of meat do you use?

Currently we use regular pork and chicken that is from SFA approved sources. We are looking for opportunities to partner with small farms with exceptional products and practices to offer a wider range of products.


Do I have to cook the products? Can i consume them cold?

Apart from bacon and the sausage breakfast mince, our products are fully cooked, so you can just treat them like regular supermarket sausages and hams. Do check out our very simple reheating guide for tips. 

What is suitable for young children?

Generally all our products are less salty so they are all quite suitable. Children prefer the chicken hot dog and the pork hot dog weiner. The sausage mince is also a favourite for parents.

Are your products keto/diabetic/low carb/low sugar friendly?

Most of our sausages have a bit of potato starch and also skim milk powder to act as binders. Do check out individual product's ingredient lists.

We have run nutritional analysis tests and our sugar levels are very much lower than other brands that display such info - almost half of the next lowest brand.  

Can we visit the manufacturing facility?

We would love to welcome anyone who wants to come and visit as we firmly believe in transparent practices and to share and dialogue with anyone, from novice home cook to industry professionals. Do look out for the opening of our workshop

Will Jill's Sausages items be sold at supermarkets?

We are exploring that for 2022. 

Why do your sausages taste so good?

For you to try and find out. But seriously : fresh spices, proper meat. 

How old is Jill?

2 years old

Which is Jill's favourite? 

Smoked Bacon