Jill's Sausages


So before we begin, we thought we will answer the million dollar question many people have - Who is Jill?

Is Jill the name of the founder, the butcher, the wife of the founder..? Truth is, we have many Jills at Jill's Sausages. We have Jill One who is always in his butcher shoes and apron; grinding meat, stuffing sausages.. the short, long, small, and big sausages are all hand-made by him and his minions. Then there's Jill Two who processes the orders, arranges for delivery, and always typing away to respond to your queries, feedback and reviews and Jill Three (hello, that's me!) whose mission is to let everyone knows about these awesome sausages we sell! And finally, we have Master Jill, the man who lives, eats, breathes sausages. He's always in his kitchen doing R&D - new techniques, new flavours, etc. He is precise to a fault when it comes to the type of meat use, the quality of spices, the smoking duration.. You can mess with him, but not with his sausages. 

And now that we have get that out of the way, time for the more serious stuff.


We believe everyone should be able to make better choices, especially when it comes to keeping themselves and their loved ones happy and healthy.

We also believe we've made that possible: by making tasty, healthy, carefully-crafted meats accessible to an eager and interested community.

Our artisanal, small-batch meats are exceptional: nitrates, nitrites and additives-free, with lower salt and fat content, seasoned with freshly roasted and ground spices and fresh picked herbs. They're bursting with the unique flavour and goodness that comes from rigorous research and development... and being hand-made with craft and care.

We're a proudly small business, born from a loving home base, but with the knowledge and dedication to make a difference in healthy meats in Singapore and across Asia.

It's our duty and honour to pass our expertise and passion on to our community: sharing not only artisanal meats, but the spirit of selflessness, care and goodness with all.