Nitrites. Why should you care?

I mean, what's the fuss with nitrites? You can find them in leafy vegetables, and also in many of these yummy sausages, hams, and bacons we take. In fact, nitrites make these meats look much nicer (red instead of brown!) and also give them the flavour. Then there's that thing about making these meats last longer.

So really, why does anyone need to care about nitrites at all? 

Well, what IF we tell you that nitrites can cause cancer? What if we show you the many studies on how the consumption of nitrites is a convincing cause of colorectal cancer?

And here are five reasons why you should care about nitrites:

1) Nitrites are commonly used as a preservative;
2) Nitrite slows down the flow of oxygen through the body;
3) Nitrites can become carcinogenic when combined with protein and heat;
4) Nitrite, when reacts with degraded bits of amino acids, forms molecules called N-nitroso compounds (NOCs) that are also known as tumor initiators and they damage our DNA; and
 5) Nitrites are also suspected to be linked to other cancers such as ovarian, kidney, pancreas, and breast.

Earlier this year, a review by Anses, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, confirmed a World Health Organisation report in 2018 linking nitrates and nitrites ingested through processed meat to colorectal cancer. France has plans to eliminate and gradually phased out the use of nitrites in meat.

So are you really going to expose yourself to the risks of cancer? While nitrite is not the only cause of cancer, reducing the consumption of nitrites can help lower our risks of getting sick. 

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